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Application Procedure

At the moment, the application instructions below refer
only to Erasmus+ mobility for studies and mobilities within the bilateral agreements.
Recruitment for mobility within other exchange programmes and mobility for traineeships is in preparation and will be launched soon.

Application requirements

To study/do an internship at the University of Silesia you need to fulfil one of the conditions:

  • be a student of a partner higher education institution which has a bilateral cooperation agreement with the University of Silesia, within a specific field of study,
  • present a decision on referral to study at the University of Silesia issued by an external organisation managing exchange programmes (e.g. NAWA, CEEPUS),
  • present a confirmation of acceptance for internship issued by the internship coordinator at the faculty where the internship is to be carried out.

In any case, the student's home university should send an official nomination to: international@us.edu.pl, providing the following details:

  • student's full name,
  • student's e-mail address,
  • student's current field, level and year of study,
  • field and level of study within which the mobility will take place,
  • name of the host faculty where the mobility is to be carried out.

Application process

1. Create your personal account in the IRK system.


2.  Select the appropriate type of mobility.


3.  Fill in all the information required for the mobility.

Some of the mobilities require e.g:

  • Selection of the field of mobility,
  • Sending the Learning Agreement via the EWP network (refers to Erasmus+ study mobilities),
  • Uploading the Application Form (and Learning Agreement, if applicable) signed and stamped by your home university (Application Form will be available for download after you have entered your answers to the questions in the application system).


4.  Check the correctness of the completed data. The data from the recruitment system will be used to create your account in the university system, prepare your student identity card and provide you with the necessary information.


5. Confirm your enrolment application.

Once your application has been confirmed, the administration will verify the accuracy of your details and forward your application to the exchange coordinator.

Once your LA and Application Form have been approved, your details will be saved in the University Study-Oriented System and you will be given access to an account to apply for a place in student residence hall.

Application deadlines for studies:

Winter semester: 15 June
Summer semester: 30 November


Learning Agreement for Studies (other programmes)42 KB
IRK Guide on online registration of candidates for student exchange_EN913.71 KB
IRK Guide on online registration of candidates for student exchange_PL919.31 KB
Coordinators for International Cooperation207.17 KB


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